What is the 20/20 Vision?

site-plan Phase 1: Existing Church Facility Improvements

The scope of this proposal includes roof replacement, flooring replacement in the basement, minor wall repair as well as repainting of portions of the facility. General repairs and maintenance of existing systems requires ongoing budgetary allocation. Additionally, construction of a gazebo in the open lot adjacent to the church parking lot for use in church outdoor events during the summer months is part of phase 1 of this master plan.
The budget for this portion of work is approximately $2.00 million.
Purchase of adjacent lots for future development: $600,000.00
Miscellaneous Expenses (professional fees, etc.): $400,000.00

Total Budget for Phase 1: $3.00 million

Phase 3: Town House Development

The proposed project will consist of 18 to 20 town houses with attached garages. Each unit will be approximately 2,000 square feet and shall be two stories and consists of 2 and 3 bedrooms with two full baths. The project will be built on an approximately 2-acre parcel of land with adequate parking and green space. The development will have adequate circulation as well as green space areas. At least 5% of the units will be fully handicap-accessible.

Total Budget for Phase 3: $4.5 million


The proposed 2020 Vision site is to be located on the south eastern portion of Inkster Road and Ann Arbor Trail in the City of Dearborn Heights, Michigan. The portion to be occupied by the proposed development is approximately 8 Acres. The site is sandwiched between Ann Arbor Trail and Hines.

The proposed development will house four community-based structures namely:

1. An Existing Church Facility
2. A New Senior Citizens Facility
3. A New Market Rate Townhouse Development
4. A new 10,000 (+) Commercial Facility

The World Deliverance Temple 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign is a progressive movement putting God’s plan into acton. The Vision is dedicated to improving the lives of our congregation, supporting those in need and providing services to our neighbors in the surrounding community. The goals of the vision will be met by the year 2020 through the faith commitment of our members, neighbors, friends of the ministry and business associates.

The completion of this vision will be divided into 4 phases:

1. Upgrade current facility and pay off church mortgage

2. 75-Unit Market Rate Senior Citizen Housing Facility

3. State-of-the-Art Townhouse Development

4. Commercial/Educational Building

Phase 2: Senior Citizens Facility

The proposed project will consist of 75 one-and two-bedroom apartments for senior citizens 62 years of age and older. The housing will be built on an approximately three-acre parcel of land with adequate parking and green space. The building will be a three-story building with elevators. At least 5% of the units will be fully handicap-accessible. The project will also feature a large community room, office space for management and resident services, and an entrance lounge. There will also walking paths for residents next to the building.

This project is designed to provide comfortable independent housing for seniors. Each unit will feature a full kitchen with all appliances, bathroom, including grab bars in all units, living-dining area and one or two bedrooms. Rents will be set to be affordable to seniors whose incomes are at 50% of the Average Median Income.

Type of Unit   Typical Square Footage / Unit   No. of Units
One Bedroom      680 S.F.      60
Two Bedroom      1,114 S.F.      15
Total Number of Proposed Units      75

The proposed project is a multi-family senior residential rental project.

Total Budget for Phase 2: $15.00 million

Phase 4: Commercial Facility Development

Phase 4 of the master plan shall include a two story 7,500 square feet commercial structure. Some of the spaces shall be used for medical offices, pharmacy, commercial recreation spaces as well as rental professional office suites and rental meeting rooms.
Adequate parking spaces shall be provided to accommodate the requirements of this development.

Although the development concepts are still preliminary, our 2020 Vision is intended to address some of the issues plaguing this part of the city especially at a location where the current use is not maximized. The development of this part of the City as described in our master Plan will increase City population, attract other developments, and provide jobs for residents in the area.

The proposed development is uniquely situated, as it is adjacent to Hines parking with direct access into the park, and will offer five clear advantages to living elsewhere:

A Complete Community

Personalized Services to Meet Individual Needs

Communal Living At Its Best

A Full Calendar of Community Activities

Familiar Places Close By

The Project’s sponsor is World Community Impact, a non-profit organization, which was organized to provide community services and


A Complete Community

Our 2020 Vision is a community-based development. The inclusion of a Senior Citizens Housing Facility, a townhouse development and a new commercial Facility Development will make the development complete. The Final Design of the proposed structures will complement each other and will address all City of Dearborn Height’s Zoning and Building Codes.

Rather than constructing the structures on existing closed-in neighborhoods with mass of hard surfaced land areas, this proposed development will enjoy the much rare qualities of wooded site normally found in our undeveloped sub-urban lands. The development will be unique and will set the stage for the revitalization of this part of the city.

The environment will be set up as a PUD, with easy access to the different parts of the city via the existing Freeways. The environment will be enjoyable, with a very warm feel. Each Structure will be designed to promote a safe, friendly and caring community.

The unique structures will be isolated from the concerns of the outside environment beyond the park settings. All residents and users of the proposed facilities will enjoy the existing natural feeling of the current Park.

Personalized Services to Meet Individual Needs

Each resident’s personal service plan is prepared prior to becoming a resident of the proposed Senior Citizens Housing. Privacy and personal services to meet the individual tenant needs is the way of life enjoyed by the 2020 Vision Senior residents.

The same approach goes for the residents in the proposed townhouses as well as the tenants and users of the proposed commercial facility.

With regards to the improvements to our existing church facility, our proposal and research show a definite need of funds to renovate portions of the current facility, which may include things like re-roofing and upgrade of some of the building systems. This facility is currently housing a full service 800 member church organization, which currently includes a child-care facility.

Quiet surroundings and the assurance of support services are what are lacking in most of the similar facilities around the City. These will be the basis upon which the 2020 Vision shall be built upon. All structures located on this site are open to the public, and visitors will have a chance to tour and enjoy all parts of this park.

Communal Living At Its Best

A smaller residential development means we have fewer residents. It also means residents receive personalized care and services. By completing this development, we believe in supporting each resident or user with whatever level of service or care needed.

Whatever it is, be it personalized tutoring, physical therapy, substance abuse counseling, or spiritual enrichment, our 2020 Vision provides it. As residents and facility users need change, our long-term goals and 2020 Master Plan adapts to the changes.

World Community Impact will work hard to foster responsibility, not irresponsibility. Whatever services are required, our 2020 Vision offers a beautiful, private, caring alternative to seniors, children, and the general population in a park-like setting.

There will be no membership fees to continue the use of the existing park, because some of the park amenities will be maintained like the softball, and basketball courts. The senior citizens housing will be subsidized. The Charter school will be a state-of-the-arts educational center, while the Family Life and Worship Centers will welcome the entire community as well as those not residing in the immediate vicinity.

A Full Calendar of Community Activities

This 2020 Master Plan features an on-site Worship Center with a complimentary Commercial Facility. This development will provide employment for diverse professionals in teaching, adult care, counseling, ministerial staff, maintenance staff, counselors, medical staff, and promotion of various youth programs.

Because we envision this development to address some of our senior housing, educational, as well as religious needs, our 2020 Vision will offer a full calendar of events to stimulate and enrich different activities and social events on a daily basis. This 2020 Vision will also offer devotional programs, entertainment, and daily religious services.

Familiar Places Close By

Located in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, this development is close to shopping centers, freeways, professional office buildings, medical offices, hospitals, and the adjoining suburban communities (Dearborn, Westland, Romulus, Southfield, etc). There are several existing residential developments and shopping districts within walking distance of the proposed site.

The Master Plan aims to combine the convenience of an in-town location with the services and amenities of a residential neighborhood.

The Sponsor

The sponsor is World Community Impact, a non-profit organization, which was organized as a spin-off from World Deliverance Temple. World Community Impact (WCI) was organized to provide community services and engage in development activities. The first development activity was the renovation of a building to house the day care center, which WCI operates. This renovation was undertaken in 2003 and completed at a cost of $250,000. The construction was completed on time and on budget. The day care center is currently in operation and provides services to 56 children.

In addition, World Deliverance Temple has also engaged in a 1.5 million dollar renovation of the church. This renovation was completed in 2002.

The pastor of the Church, Dr. Roy Ferguson, is also the Executive Director of World Community Impact. He is a professionally trained Civil Engineer and has supervised major construction projects for the Ford Motor Company. He was also hired to direct the construction of a major subdivision for the City of Romulus. Rev. Ferguson provided overall construction supervision to both the day care renovation and the church renovation

Meet the Visionary

Bishop Roy & Lady Delores Ferguson

Bishop and Co-Pastor Ferguson have maintained a heart for the community and God’s people for over 47 years. They have stood on the promise of God that Poverty Shall No Longer Knock at Thy Door-a word that carried over to many that have been impacted by both leaders. With compassion, perseverance, integrity, excellence and faith Bishop and Co-Pastor Ferguson devote their lives to touching those near and far. The 20/20 Vision is just an extension of their on-going ministry at World Deliverance Temple-located in Dearborn Heights, MI. In just one experience with Bishop and Co-Pastor Ferguson, your life will be forever changed.

“We invite you to join our 20/20 Vision by donating a monetary gift……give and watch the blessings FLOW!”

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